Eric’s Plan as Treasurer

Defund Iran

Missouri will not invest in terrorism

Eric sponsored legislation to ban the state and other political entities from investing in companies doing business with Iran, a state sponsor of radical Islamic terrorism. As Treasurer, Eric will work to prohibit Missouri tax dollars from being invested in companies doing business with Iran, which continues to be a dangerous sponsor of terrorism.

The Obama Iran Nuclear Deal includes a provision that permits the federal government to coerce states into undoing their terrorism divestiture laws and investing in Iran.

Paragraph 25 of the Obama Iran Nuclear Deal reads:

If a law at the state or local level in the United States is preventing the implementation of the sanctions lifting as specified in this JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action], the United States will take appropriate steps, taking into account all available authorities, with a view to achieving such implementation. The United States will actively encourage officials at the state or local level to take into account the changes in the U.S. policy reflected in the lifting of sanctions under this JCPOA and to refrain from actions inconsistent with this change in policy.

This provision shows that President Obama wants the states to invest in Iran, a notorious state sponsor of radical Islamic terrorism, and will take whatever steps necessary to coerce such investment.

However, the states, with Missouri leading the way, can stand up to this egregious federal overreach. Eric will bolster the State Treasurer’s policy to further protect Missouri taxpayer dollars by prohibiting tax dollars being funneled to state sponsors of terrorism. Eric will also help state entities and local governments in identifying and avoiding investments linked to state sponsors of terrorism.

Investing in Main St.

Investing is Missouri’s future

As Treasurer, Eric will pursue a policy of keeping more Missouri money invested in Missouri-based main street banks. Our tax dollars must be protected from wrongheaded investments that could hurt our state. Keeping more Missouri tax dollars invested in Missouri will put our state on the surest path to prosperity.

Show Me Checkbook

Publishing all government spending in online portal

  • Eric will publish all government expenditures on a web portal, which the public will be able to track easily.
  • In 8 years in the legislature, Eric passed a balanced budget every year without a tax increase.
  • Eric’s web portal will bring greater accountability and oversight to state government.

Missouri ABLE

Advocating for Missourians living with disabilities

  • In order to help reduce the heavy financial burden individuals with disabilities and their families have, Eric led the effort to create tax-exempt savings accounts to pay for expenses related to their disability.
  • Individuals with disabilities and their families will be able to save for their future needs related to their disability – including education, housing and transportation.
  • As State Treasurer, Eric will continue to advocate for individuals with disabilities and their families by making sure they can save for their future needs.

529 college savings

Securing our children’s future.

  • To make it easier for families to be able to afford college tuition for their children, as Treasurer, Eric will strengthen Missouri’s MOST 529 program for tax deferred investment accounts for college savings.
  • As a father of young children, and a senator representing many families, Eric is already thinking about the affordability of college.
  • As a state senator, Eric spearheaded a bi-partisan effort to make saving for college easier, passing legislation to allow parents to electronically send their state tax refund directly into their child’s 529 college savings account.