Municipal Court Reform and Ending Taxation by Citation

Ensuring Public Trust In Government

Eric addressed the numerous issues facing Missouri’s municipal courts by passing the most substantive municipal reform post-Ferguson and also passed a law to enable the use of body cameras for police officers to protect both officers and citizens. Eric’s historic bi-partisan reforms reduced the amount of revenue municipalities can keep from traffic tickets. Cities can no longer use taxation by citation to raise revenue to grow their bureaucracies.

In order to stop local government from treating citizens like ATMs through the use of speed traps, in the State Senate, Eric Schmitt led the effort that banned them and traffic ticket quotas. For many citizens, their only engagement with their local government is when they show up to court to pay a speeding ticket. Citizens must be able to trust their government at all levels, especially at the local level. People will still be accountable for traffic violations, but they will not be thrust into prison or debt because of them.

Autism Insurance Reform

Helping Hard-Working Families Across Missouri

1 in 68 children born today will be diagnosed with autism, but out of the top 10 neurobiological conditions, autism was the only one specifically excluded from insurance coverage. However, thanks to Eric’s leadership and dedication, legislation was passed in 2010 leading the way to change.

In 2009, the Senate passed legislation providing for insurance reform, but when time ran out in the House of Representatives, Eric took action, organizing rallies across Missouri, drawing thousands and building unstoppable grassroots support for the legislation—effectively paving the way for its passage. In 2010, Eric’s hard work and passion paid off. House Bill 1311, a dream of so many families before, became a reality with an overwhelming bipartisan vote.

Hard-working families across Missouri pay for insurance their entire lives and when their child is diagnosed with autism, coverage will be there when they need it most. Autism insurance reform will allow children on the autism spectrum to reach their full potential and provide real hope and opportunity for thousands of Missouri families and generations of Missouri’s children.

Tax Reform

Lowering the Tax Burden for All Missourians

Eric authored two of the largest tax cuts in Missouri history. Eric led the fight to provide tax cuts for individuals and businesses across the state. Because of Eric’s leadership, the individual income tax rate is being reduced and all small business job creators will be able to deduct up to 25% of their business income – freeing up revenue for re-investment back into the Missouri economy.


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