New Schmitt for Treasurer Television Ad Is Deeply Personal

Glendale, Mo. – State Senator Eric Schmitt’s campaign for state treasurer today launched its first television ad of the general election, telling the deeply personal story of the person who inspired Schmitt to serve in public office and help ensure all Missourians are given the opportunity to reach their God-given potential.

“My son, Stephen, was my inspiration to make a difference, to fight for a better world. He was born with a rare genetic condition, tuberous sclerosis, which causes epilepsy and he is on the autism spectrum. Stephen has seizures nearly every day and to this day he is almost completely nonverbal. I get my passion and resolve to better the lives of all Missourians, especially the most vulnerable, from him,” Schmitt said. “All families face challenges, but it is how we respond to those challenges that say a lot about who we are. With the strong support of the special-needs community, I am proud of the work we accomplished in the state senate to help all Missourians living with disabilities, and I want to continue to be an advocate in the treasurer’s office for this community and all Missourians.”

The ad will begin airing statewide on Tuesday, October 11.

For Eric Schmitt and his wife, Jaime, helping families with a special needs child is deeply personal. Their son, Stephen, lives with epilepsy, tuberous sclerosis and has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Schmitt has been a leading advocate for the disabled in the state legislature, offering solutions that originated from listening to these families and his own experiences as a parent of a child with special needs.

In the state senate, Schmitt led the successful effort for autism insurance reform and introduced legislation, signed into law, establishing MO ABLE accounts to help families create saving plans for Missourians living with disabilities.

State Senator Eric Schmitt has been traveling tens of thousands of miles across Missouri working to earn the trust and confidence of Missouri voters in the race for Missouri State Treasurer. To learn more about Eric Schmitt and his campaign for Missouri State Treasurer, go to You can also connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.