SAFER Streets Initiative

Violent crime is tearing apart families and communities in Missouri. Our state has three cities ranked in the Top 15 for per capita violent crime rates. That’s why Eric launched the SAFER Streets Initiative which combines the prosecutorial might of the Attorney General’s Office with that of the US Attorneys’ Offices here in Missouri. This first of its kind partnership in the country is designed to prosecute violent criminals and make our communities safer.

SAFE Kits Initiative

As Missouri’s Attorney General, Eric is working to honor the courage and bravery of those who agree to a sexual assault kit by ensuring the kit doesn’t sit on a shelf for years.

Tragically, we now know that in our state there are currently thousands of untested sexual assault kits just waiting to be logged. These kits are not numbers. They are not footnotes to the reporting of a crime. They represent real human beings who have suffered and confronted their fears, reported a sexual assault and submitted a kit.

Upon taking office, Eric announced an initiative to address this problem. With the data collected from these sexual assault kits that are now inventoried and being tested, Missouri will send a message loud and clear: we will fight for victims of sexual assaults and if you commit a crime against any person in this state, Missouri will use everything in the state’s power to find you and prosecute you.

Taking On the Opioid Crisis and Fighting Back Against the Big Pharmaceutical Companies

The Opioid Crisis in Missouri has affected families all across our state. That’s why Eric is standing shoulder to shoulder with those affected and fighting to hold opioid manufacturers accountable in court for their misrepresentations. In April 2019, he unveiled The website creates a new way for Missourians to share their stories and experiences with this epidemic. Eric is also partnering with agencies to combat the epidemic.

Also under his leadership, Missouri joined a lawsuit against 20 of the largest drug manufacturers in the nation for inflating and manipulating generic drug prices in one of the most damaging and far-reaching price fixing schemes in modern American history. By engaging in this lawsuit, Eric is sending a clear message to pharmaceutical companies: if you harm any of the 6 million people that call Missouri home and artificially manipulate drug prices, we will hold you accountable.

Human Trafficking

This form of modern day slavery must end which is why Eric is partnering with the FBI’s Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force along with engaging in other efforts to combat human trafficking. Fighting back against human trafficking is a top priority for Eric and he will continue to seek out partnerships to help end this abuse.

Holding Big Tech Accountable

Eric joined a bipartisan coalition of Attorneys General in announcing a multi-state investigation aimed at getting to the truth and determining if Google and Facebook’s practices compromise privacy, and if they are anti-competitive and illegal.

Eric is investigating Google and Facebook to ensure that even the biggest of Big Tech companies are held accountable and are subject to the rule of law.