Schmitt: ObamaCare is Inflicting Serious Pain

GLENDALE, Missouri – Sen. Eric Schmitt, a strong opponent of ObamaCare who opposed efforts to expand the program in Missouri, today pointed to a new Kaiser Foundation report that showed 85 percent of Missouri counties would have fewer choices due to the program’s failures.  Schmitt said this is yet another sad indicator that ObamaCare has been a disaster for Missouri and that too many families have been hurt by the program.  He also noted that the issue represents a big difference between him and his opponent, Judy Baker, in the race for Missouri State Treasurer.

“ObamaCare is in the headlines again and once again the news is not good for Missouri families,” Sen. Schmitt said.  “ObamaCare is inflicting serious pain with increased premiums and deductibles and shrinking health care options for families.  ObamaCare supporters promised the law would lower health care prices and expand health care choices.  My opponent in this race helped implement ObamaCare in Missouri while I was fighting against its expansion.  During my time in the Missouri legislature, I fought to keep the law’s expansion out of our state, which has proven to be the right policy.  ObamaCare expansion states are now grappling with serious budget issues.  Too many families are now dealing with the devastating consequences of ObamaCare.  As state treasurer, I will do everything I can to protect Missouri taxpayers from irresponsible government programs like ObamaCare.”

The Kaiser Foundation released a new report this week highlighting the pain ObamaCare is inflicting on families and how the law is limiting health care options in Missouri.

In the State Senate, Sen. Schmitt worked to prevent the expansion of ObamaCare.  Missouri voters also registered their disapproval of ObamaCare at the polls in 2010 and again in 2012.

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